Wound healing

Wound healing


PACT® Wound Gel is used to treat superficial inflammations and burns. Rapid healing of the skin is assisted by an optimally moist environment. PACT® Wound Gel can also be used in combination with the PACT® DERMA phototherapy device in order to treat larger wounds and inflamed wounds under the supervision of trained medical staff.

Pain-free therapy that promotes healing is possible in the following areas:

  • Decubitus
  • Diabetic wound treatment
  • Burns, cuts and grazes
  • Arteriovenous ulcers
  • Small areas of inflamed skin
  • Alleviation of superinfections in cases of acne, psoriasis in conjunction with PACT® DERMA
  • PACT® Wound Gel can also be used in combination with PACT® DERMA for gentle microorganism reduction on large areas of skin

Use of PACT® Wound Gel without PACT® DERMA LED light treatment

The use of PACT® Wound Gel is safe and no side effects are to be expected. PACT® Wound Gel can be applied to skin and mucosa several times a day. If necessary, PACT® Wound Gel can also be applied to a plaster or dressing which is then applied to the area being treated.Wounds generally heal more rapidly if they are cleaned to remove wound discharge residues, residues of dead fibrin and other contaminating particles.

Reduction of pathogens with PACT® DERMA LED light

PACT® DERMA is a special LED light that has a wavelength of 625 nm and an output of 100 W. Due to its special design the light is delivered to the wound area in an optimal manner. Please do not use heat lamps (infrared light) or any other light sources because no improvement in the healing process can be expected. A combination of PACT® Wound Gel and PACT® DERMA brings about a reduction of pathogens on the surface being treated. Treatment can be conducted twice a day, for example, even over a lengthy period of application. If fungal infections are suspected, light treatment time can be increased to approx. 2 x 15 minutes.


Apply PACT® Wound Gel to the inflamed skin area. Treat with light using the PACT® DERMA LED for approx. 10 to 15 minutes and repeat several times a day. Depending on the inflammation, treatment can be continued for several days or weeks. The distance during treatment should be 1 cm to 2 cm. Excess gel can be either left or wiped off carefully. During light treatment the wound must always be kept moist with gel. 


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